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Zhejiang Hoy Technology Co.,Ltd
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  • Size

    Plank: 150*1220mm, 180*1220mm, 220*1220mm, 305*1220mm Tile: 305*610mm, 457*610mm


    Sample or Customized

    Application field

    Various indoor scenes, such as hotel, exhibition hall, basement, office building, household, chain, store, gym, and etc.


    Stone plastic

    Minimum Order Quantity

    MOQ : 1000sqm Volume of production: 20000sqm/ day Delivery time: 10 to 30 days

  • Rigid vinyl is a particularly new product in the flooring industry. It not only gathers most of the current flooring material, but also provides better performance of being water-proof, rigid, dimensionally stable, and relatively environmentally friendly. Thus it can be safely used in areas with sustained exposure to moisture, such as bathroom, laundry room and kitchen. With good rigidity, rigid vinyl provides a quieter, warmer vinyl flooring with a cushioned backing attached, thus eliminating the imperfections from the subfloor which is normally transferred through LVT. 

    SPC Plank: 150x1220mm, 180x1220mm, 220x1220mm, 305x1220mm

    Thickness: 4.0mm~5.0mm

    Wear layer: 0.3mm,0.5mm,0.7mm

    SPC Tile: 305x610mm, 457x610mm

    Thickness: 4.0mm~5.0mm

    Wear layer: 0.3mm,0.5mm,0.7mm

  • Our company is one of the leading manufacturers of SPC/RSVP/Loose Lay/Dry Back in China. It covers a area of over 12,000 square meters, and the second investment is 91745 square meters, the production capacity will be 10,000,000 square meters in one year. We have passed the ISO9001 Quality and Environmental Management System, CE, ASTM, Floorscore, Green Guard, SGS, GB Certifications, and we keep expanding the scale of production and launching competitive new products, it makes us win the trust of customers at domestic and abroad. Currently the products of our factory are exported to America, Canada, Russia, Europe, South-East Asia, Mexico, more than 80 countries and regions in the world.
    Welcomed to visit our company at any time!
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