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" INTCO Easy Install Decorative Waterproof White Plastic Baseboard Skirting Board Cornice moulding"
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  • Size

    Normal 2.4m or 2.9m per piece


    " white color or Any color available"

    Application field

    Flooring accessories



    Minimum Order Quantity

    3000M/100000 Cartons per Day/30-45 days after deposit payment

  • Place  of Origin:Shanghai, China
       Color:white color or Any color available
       Express Support:Competitive DHL price and more choice
       Brand Name:INTCO
       Application:Indoor Decoration,Door & Window Trim, Ceiling, Wall,  Mantel
       Installation:Easy to transport, fix and install.
       Delivery Support:Competitive logistics support
       Packaging Details:
       Option 1: Each piece is wrapped by bubble foam and put into master carton.
       Option 2: Each piece is wrapped by bubble foam and put into master carton  with pallet.
       Port:Shanghai, Qingdao, Ningbo

  • "Intco Framing is a high-tech manufacturer that produces picture frame mouldings, wall art picture frames, mirror frames, decorative baseboards, crown moulding, and other home decorative products.

    Founded in 2002, Intco is headquartered in Zibo, Shandong Province. It has five major manufacturing bases in Shandong, Shanghai, Anhui, Jiangsu, and also Malaysia. Intco employs over 2,000 staff, manufactures on nearby 140 advanced frame production lines, runs 48 efficient assembly lines, and displays popular products in a massive 10,000 square meter showroom.

    Intco Framing develops over thousands new trending products every year, leading the home decoration industry. We continuously bring valuable designs and sales success to our clients, who are spread across 120 plus countries. Through commitment and industriousness, Intco has become a specialized home decoration company known for its large scale, high quality, wide product range, and reliability."
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