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Wood / Bamboo SPC engineered flooring
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Zhejiang Yongyu Home Furnishings Co., Ltd.
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  • Size

    1220RL*127/165*6/1mm+1mm underlayment



    Application field

    Commercial and residential


    Veneer + SPC core+ Underlayment

    Minimum Order Quantity

    "2000m2 per SKU 65 days for first order and 55 days for normal orders"

  • Wood/bamboo   SPC engineered floor is real water resistant hardwood. Now you can have real   hardwood floors in any room of your home! It offers 24 hours of protection   against absorption, and it can even be wet mopped. It comes with an   waterproof LED-dry coating. With quick and easy locking installation and zero   acclimation time, you’ll be able to install your new floors in a flash.

  • "Zhejiang Yongyu Home Furnishings Co., Ltd was founded in 2000, the registered capital is 91.80 million RMB, Yongyu is a leading global manufacturer specializing in bamboo flooring, SPC flooring, bamboo outdoor material and so on, located in ANJI, the “Bamboo capital of China”. Having achieved ISO9000, ISO14000, CE, FLOORSCORE, CARB certificates and being a participant of WWF/GFTN, Yongyu is highly regarded as a modern, well-managed flooring and decoration production facility and a responsible forestry management company. In order to implement YOYU’s globalization strategy, the Vietnam branch was established at the end of Y2018.
    Yongyu’s team comprises about 1,000 employees, including a young dynamic management team of about 150 who oversee all aspects of production, inspection and sales. With a dedicated staff, professional sourcing, focused management, dynamic sales, Yongyu has been leading the world bamboo industry for many years and shipping its products globally including North Am
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