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Kunshan MingYi Precision Machinery Co.,ltd

Business Nature: Manufacturer 

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Company Profile
Founded by Mr. Chen tanshui in 1978, Taiwan fengqiao machinery co., LTD. Is a professional manufacturer of painting, printing, drying and other equipment. Adhering to the principle of "core research and development, professional manufacturing", we take kunshan's core technology research and development center as the midpoint, which has been developed to the Asian region. With four large-scale manufacturing plants, also set up Asia's most professional painting factory "fengchaou painting" brand image. Over the years, fengchaou has been constantly to understand market demand, development innovation, is dedicated to developing new models to satisfy customers. Such as high-end roller coating type W ultra precision roller coating machine, designed for dry water jet dryer, for clients to reduce 60% amount of vacuum coating machine with paint, make the surface more smooth and exquisite fixed workbench sanding machine, create a more solid antique wood grain disc type steel flash, as well as printing out lifelike texture attractive design of the servo press with high additional value for our customers. Perhaps you only have one kind of plate, but fengchaou can create a forest for you! In today's increasingly scarce vegetation, we have a responsibility to use our expertise to work with you to create a quality of life. Fengchaou machinery, with professional and integrity for your extension infinite possibilities!
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    Floor Technology(Machinery & Auxiliary Materials)

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    jichang road,dianshan lake ,kunshan city,jiangsu

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